Decorating for Millenials

Coming from a family that appreciates the cool hue of a charcoal grey or a more inky black decor, I’m faced with only one problem; dog hair. Not only does it embed itself into anything with a cotton like texture, it also happens to make its way on frictionless furniture. Vacuuming may seem like the easiest solution but when it’s jammed a total of four vacuums and counting, it gets a little annoying. The only way to fix the problem is to blend the white hairs into the furniture. Of course, this doesn’t completely override the problem but does make it less noticable. When my family and I finally decided to get a new carpet, we only had one thing in mind. To my embarrassment, the easiest way to the solution was to take a strand of dog hair and compare it to possible rug shades. No, we didn’t yank a few hairs out of my dog. Instead, we just gave her a generous brushing until we had just enough.


The hardest part, was having to match the whitish to goldish shades that easily reflected off of furniture. Luckily, there was just a rub that had the right mixture of cool and warm shades. This not only saved our dog hair issue but also satisfied our own personal shade preference. The slight blend of light brown matched well with our tan painted walls and dusky hazel couches. The slight blend of a yellow tinted bulb also brought out the slight golden strands that resonated through the fine undertones at night. It may seem silly but matching dog hair to a carpet actually makes a good choice of color. Now, as my dog gets older and the golden strands turn into a light shade of white. The various colors of the carpet makes it just as easily blendable. Decor played a measurable role in my dog hair problem, now all I gotta do is figure out how to match the new cat tree to the carpet.