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In the wake of International Wrestling nearly losing its spot in the Olympic Games, we learned that there are between 6-8 million people who have wrestling in their backgrounds alive today. The NR4W’s goal is to build a list of 1 million of them.

Earn discounts on every day items while giving back to wrestling with the NR4W's new sister organization: The International Fraternity of Wrestlers

The IFW is a membership organization dedicated to marketing wrestling on all levels. Former wrestlers, officials, and coaches are eligible for membership, which offers discounts on travel, entertainment, shopping, and more, as well as the opportunity to network with other former wrestlers both socially and professionally in the IFW's social network and business directory platforms. In addition, you can earn revenue for your team or organization with the IFW's Wrestling Promotion Program. Join today at www.ifwrestlers.org

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The Pac-12 Network and ESPN3 are taking a break from broadcasting wrestling this week, but coverage from the Big Ten Network, FloWrestling, and College Sports Live will fill in the gap. All eyes will be focused on the showdown between […]

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Wrestling fans should prepare to multitask this weekend, as many great events are being broadcasted at the same time slots. It might be a good idea to get your TVs and computers set up side-by-side, and get your DVRs set […]

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College wrestling duals are on display this weekend! The Big Ten Network will be airing Ohio State vs. Michigan State on Friday night, and ESPN3 is even getting in on the wrestling action on Friday with Columbia vs. Buffalo. The PAC-12 […]

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Since 1972, 669 college wrestling programs have been dropped. Wrestling was nearly cut from the Olympic Games, and is currently a provisional sport. The International Fraternity of Wrestlers, the NR4W’s sister organization, seeks to reverse that trend through its new […]

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