Welcome to the National Registry for Wrestling

What Do You Call 1 Million Wrestlers United in a Common Cause? Unstoppable.

Wrestling Needs More Fans! Register yourself as a wrestling supporter to help preserve our sport. Our goal is to increase wrestling’s fan base and build a list of 1 million wrestling fans. We want to make sure that amateur wrestling stays in the Olympics and remains popular for years to come!

Why is the NR4W Trying to Find 1 Million Fans to Save Wrestling?

  1. Our first goal is to make a list of all the wrestling fans in the USA. Once we reach a high number, we can use this information to wrestling’s advantage — not only to demonstrate its popularity to the Olympic Committee to ensure that wrestling stays in the Olympics, but also to help get our sport more television coverage.
  2. In our society, there is power in numbers. Large fan bases have purchasing power in the world of broadcasting and advertising. Once we quantify wrestling’s fan base, we can take these numbers to outlets such as mainstream media networks and the International Olympic Committee to show them that televising wrestling and keeping wrestling in their programming can be of financial benefit to them.
  3. We want to continue to grow our sport’s popularity by introducing it to potential new fans through social media, by reconnecting former wrestlers who might have strayed away from wrestling’s reach as they got older, and by keeping current fans posted of all opportunities to watch wrestling programming, whether on television or webcasts, and help boost the sport’s ratings. The NR4W wants to serve as a connecting point for all wrestling fans. Read more about our objectives.

Register yourself as a wrestling fan now! It’s free and easy, and you can earn prizes by referring friends. We need you to refer at least 10 people if we want to reach 1 million fans! This effort cannot be done by a few people. We literally need thousands of volunteers to do their share to reach our goal. You may also subscribe to our wrestling news and updates on our subscription page.