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Would you like to see more wrestling events on TV? Stand up and be counted! Register yourself as a wrestling fan. It's free and easy, and you can earn ASICS apparel by referring your friends! The key to finding our fan base is TV. Please donate to our media fund to help us advertise during nationally televised wrestling events -- click on the donate button below or text your donation amount to 631-206-5180 to get started.

In the wake of International Wrestling nearly losing its spot in the Olympic Games, we learned that there are between 6-8 million people who have wrestling in their backgrounds alive today. The NR4W’s goal is to build a list of 1 million of them.

Earn discounts on every day items while giving back to wrestling with the NR4W's new sister organization: The International Fraternity of Wrestlers

The IFW is a membership organization dedicated to marketing wrestling on all levels. Former wrestlers, officials, and coaches are eligible for membership, which offers discounts on travel, entertainment, shopping, and more, as well as the opportunity to network with other former wrestlers both socially and professionally in the IFW's social network and business directory platforms. In addition, you can earn revenue for your team or organization with the IFW's Wrestling Promotion Program. Join today at www.ifwrestlers.org

What's New:

In case you haven’t heard, USA Wrestling inked a historic TV deal with NBC Sports and Universal Sports Network, and many of their upcoming marquee events will be broadcast on national TV. We designed the above poster to spread the […]

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Last month, we calculated the top 10 states with the most wrestling fans registered at www.nr4w.com/registration, and New York had a sizable lead over Ohio. We took a look at the tallies to close out the month of March, and […]

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The NR4W will be featuring a wrestling‬ fan each week in our new spotlight series. Anyone who has registered for the NR4W is eligible to be featured! Email us at info@nationalregistry4wrestling.com if you have an interesting story that you’d like […]

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Last Week’s NCAA Wrestling Television Audience on ESPN Grows 10%, WatchESPN Up 150% According to a report from ESPN, The 2015 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships Finals on Saturday, March 21, averaged 694,000 viewers on ESPN with an additional 1.6 […]

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