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Are you a wrestling fan? Would you like to see more wrestling events on TV? Stand up and be counted! Register yourself as a wrestling fan.


The Vision of the National Registry for Wrestling is to re-engage the 6 to 8 million Americans who have wrestled in the last 40 plus years on the High School, College or Club level back into the sport through the creation of a value based membership organization. The goal of the membership organization would be to leverage this group’s mass, demographics and purchasing power to the benefit of wrestling.

Our mission is to increase wrestling’s fanbase and build a registry of all wrestling fans across the nation. We want to make sure that amateur wrestling stays in the Olympics and remains popular for years to come.

We want to find 1 million wrestling fans in 2014, but in order to do so, we need your help. Please consider reaching out to your friends, co-workers and all the people who u know that have an affinity to wrestling.  We have 3-5 years to grow our base of fans or else we are out of the Olympics.

What are the aims of the NR4W?

In brief, we have several main points of focus:

  1. Our first goal is to make a list of all the wrestling fans in the USA. Once we reach a high number, we can use this information to wrestling’s advantage — not only to demonstrate its popularity to the Olympic Committee to ensure that wrestling stays in the Olympics, but also to help get our sport more television coverage.
  2. In our society, there is power in numbers. Large fan bases have purchasing power in the world of broadcasting and advertising. Once we quantify wrestling’s fans base, we can take these numbers to outlets such as mainstream media networks and the International Olympic Committee to show them that televising wrestling and keeping wrestling in their programming can be of financial benefit to them.
  3. We want to continue to grow our sport’s popularity by introducing it to potential new fans through social media, by reconnecting former wrestlers who might have strayed away from wrestling’s reach as they got older, and by keeping current fans posted of all opportunities to watch wrestling programming, whether on television or webcasts, and help boost the sport’s ratings. The NR4W wants to serve as a connecting point for all wrestling fans.
  4. If the NR4W is successful in these areas, we envision building a membership program that offers benefits and cross promotions with companies who will offer discounts to our members while sponsoring wrestling on all media outlets including television.

Want more details on the NR4W? Read more about our objectives below…

The value proposition of the National Registry 4 Wrestling — Answer important questions with drilled down specifics and accurate measurables: How big is our current and active fan base?  How big is our potential fan base?

  • Wrestling has never been able to truly quantify for Madison Avenue and advertisers in general, the true size and scope of our sport and fan base….nor even begin to document   “casual supporters.”
  • Some of the determining factors for marketers and advertisers are: “What’s the size of your audience?” “How many media impressions will I get?” “What kind of audience can you generate per event?” “What are their demographics and income levels of the audience?” etc… As the NR4W scales, we will be able to answer these questions.

How can the National Registry 4 Wrestling impact fan recruitment? retention?

  • By being a conduit for other wrestling media outlets to reach fans they might not otherwise have reached.
  • As a mechanism to aggregate the entire wrestling community and provide the answers advertisers and sponsors are looking for.
  • By implementing appropriate customer relationship management and data base management marketing, the registry will be a base for updating/promoting upcoming wrestling events via email, Youtube, text, Twitter, Instagram and all forms of social media.
  • By facilitating access to a larger bullhorn, the database itself becomes a platform for wrestling and wrestling events.

How is the National Registry 4 Wrestling different from other efforts?

  • The National Registry 4 Wrestling is an independent effort.  This registry is not beholden to any one organization and will serve ALL of wrestling.
  • Wrestling is “fractured,” meaning there are many different groups fighting at cross currents. Our sport needs a central, neutral, repository to build an accurate picture of our current wrestling audience and fan base potential.
  • The National Registry is an altruistic endeavor, born out of the idea that wrestling will never again be threatened from being dropped from the Olympics.  As such, the NR4W is not a for profit venture.  However, our hope is that the Registry will become a significant tool for others to grow wrestling, expand the fan base and build their businesses.
  • The NR4W will be a conduit to make it as easy as possible for fans to stay updated, informed and entertained.
  • The NR4W will be a facilitator to make it as easy as possible for entities to do business with wrestling.
  • This repository will be advanced from the bottom up and you the fans will determine the level of your involvement.
  • As fans indicate their level of involvement, the registry will increasingly become open and collaborative.
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